The Ways To Samādhi


These guided meditations actively accumulate the Spiritual Temple in oneself. Learn to recognize your inner Being to its full potential, keeping the experience depth to clear realization at the present moment. In the world of Spiritual practice, we develop these inner states to truly show us our depth potential. These classes willl also help understand what is provided by Annaymokosa and Energetic Classical Hatha Yoga.

Energetic Classical Hatha Yoga

This class is focused on all-encompassing energetic understanding, using both a chakra and the five bodies practise. We reach a significant depth of learning by moving through layers of inner power and a soft connection to "going deeper” through practice. In class, you will begin to feel the confidence of knowing your Spiritual self worth, not just from pinnacle mental experiences during the guided sessions, but a layered depth that you can access even after the class is over.

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Annamayakośa Vinyāsa 

Alignment Base Flow

Get into the body and out of the head. This alignment-based flow is designed to connect with the body in a purely focused, physical way. Radiate energy to the outer complexion, increase physical stamina, and open those muscles to longevity of strength. The purpose is not to see the complexity of the inner Being but to find new, intense, energizing ways to ease into the “PoP" of alignment depth.